Related Books

“The Logic of Ba as Life Knowledge ~ The Theory of Co-Creation as Seen in Yagyū Shinkage Ryū Swordsmanship”
written by Dr. Shimizu Hiroshi, Chuko-shinsyo

“BUDO – I KNOW JAPAN Japanese Martial Arts -” Nikko Graphic Arts Co., Ltd.
 This book introduces Samurai martial arts, culture, and philosophy to Europe and the United States in English through Ogasawara Ryū,
Tendo Ryū, Hozoin Ryū, and Yagyū Shinkage Ryū.

“Ten points that make you want to see Noh Kyogen”, Toyota City Noh Theater Planning,
Yanagisawa Shinji Composition, and supervision of Hinoki Shobo

Another related book
”Kokoro no Heihō ~ Owari Yagyū Story” written by Ōno Ichiei, Ropō Publishing