About Yagyū Seigo Ryū Battō


撮影:森山雅智氏 写真提供:日興美術株式会社

The history of Yagyū Seigo Ryū Battō
Mizuhaya Chōzaemon Nobumasa learned Battō-jutsu (sword-drawing) from the monk Seigō in the Muromachi Period and created a school called Seigō Ryū. His best desciple, Kajiwara Genzaemon Naokage, passed the school down to Owari Domain. Nagaoka Fusahide, who played an active role as an assistant to the headmasters of Shinkage Ryū Heihō, mastered the heart of Seigō Ryū Battō. In the following generation, Nagaoka Fusashige continued to develop its theory and technique.
In more recent times, Yagyū Toshichika and Toshinaga further refined Seigō Ryū Battō, and it was passed down to Yagyū Toshimichi and Kōichi as Yagyū Seigō Ryū Battō.

It has been 140 years since wearing a sword was banned. We practice battō and heihō to fully understand the principle of heihō that the body’s motion comes together with the condition of the mind by learning how to use the Japanese sword.

The lineage of Yagyū Seigō Ryū
The founder Isahaya Chōzaemon Nobumasa
2nd Kajiwara Genzaemon Naokage
3rd Kajiwara Hannojo Kageaki
4th Ōhashi Genuemon Masaaki
5th Ōhashi Kinosuke Masanaga
6th Nagaoka Jurōemon Fusayasu
7th Nagaoka Gozaemon Fusahide
8th Nagaoka Gozaemon Fusashige
9th Nagaoka Gonrokuro Fusasuke
10th Nagaoka Heijurō Fusayasu
11th Yagyū Sangorō Toshichika
12th Yagyū Kinji Toshinaga
13th Yagyū Nobuharu Toshimichi
14th Yagyū Kōichi Toshinobu