The house and dojo of the Owari Yagyū family, which had been located at Nishiki, Naka Ward, Nagoya City since the time of old Owari Domain, were burned down during the Second World War. The 20th headmaster, Yagyū Toshinaga established the Yagyūkai in 1955 and restarted full activity of the school.

>>The Purpose of Founding the Yagyūkai

The current headmaster and his assistants strive to preserve Yagyū Shinkage Ryū in the tradition of all the previous headmasters and their assistants. The headmaster teaches and gives a monthly lecture (kōdō) to members of each regional Yagyūkai, with direct instruction to each student, as has always been the tradition.
The headmaster also teaches directly to overseas Yagyūkai members in the USA and Hong Kong once a year.
The Yagyūkai intends to preserve and pass down orthodox Shinkage Ryū and support the headmaster’s activities in administering the Yagyūkai in accordance with the Yagyūkai Members Code. The Yagyūkai created this website with the hope that it will provide a better understanding of the school.

>>Yagyūkai Members Code

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