Hong Kong Yagyūkai


1. Keiko days and times.
Practices are arranged individually with members throughout the week.

2. Keiko and kōdō (lecture) by the headmaster.
A 4-day seminar consisting of keiko and kōdō by the headmaster is held annually in Hong Kong.

3. Contact addresses.
Contact: Kelwin Kwan
Email: hkyagyukai@gmail.com
Address: 5/F Lee Fund Centre, 31 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong.

4. Membership process and membership fee.
Tuition fee for all members and beginners is HK$4200 per year. Any person capable of learning are welcome to join upon the availability of vacancies. To become a member of Yagyūkai Hong Kong, beginners are required to demonstrate his/her learning to the satisfaction of the headmaster after completing the first year of learning, and are required to always obey the code of conduct established under the charter of Hong Kong Yagyūkai.

Our event is now on the Autumn Festival’s official site:
2018年日本秋祭IN香港 ―魅力再発見―
日本秋祭IN香港 プログラム