Yagyūkai USA


Keiko (practice) and kōdō (lecture) by the Headmaster:

Once a year, under the direction and guidance of the Headmaster of Shinkage Ryū a four-day workshop is held at the Ken-Zen Institute in New York City. The time and dates of this workshop change year to year. There is also a yearly keiko and kōdō in Japan open to all international members. Please go here for further information concerning these events.

Keiko Locations:

Regular practices take place at the following locations: Flagstaff Arizona, Boston Massachusetts, Austin Texas, New York City, Long Island New York, and Ithaca New York. Please contact us here for further information on the times and dates of local Yagyūkai practices.

Membership process and membership fees:

The local membership process requires the prospective student to observe practices and discuss in person with the local Senior Student what membership requirements and expectations are in the Yagyūkai. A person only becomes a member of the Yagyu Kai after being observed and approved by the Headmaster of Yagyū Shinkage Ryū.

It is also required that members of the group train directly under the Headmaster at least once every two years.

Membership fees are made up of two parts: 1) an annual fee to the Headmaster and 2) Local dojo membership fees. The fee to the Headmaster is a standard fee. Local dojo fees vary between locations. Detailed discussion concerning fees will take place in person once you begin practicing.