The Purpose of Founding the Yagyūkai


The Yagyūkai was founded in 1955 by the 20th Head Master Yagyū Toshinaga. The dojo since the Owari clan was burned down due to the war damage, but the strict style of the Ryū continues to this day.

Currently, regular training is being conducted in several places such as Tokyo and Osaka, centering on Nagoya, and not only Yagyū Shinkage Ryū Heihō, but also Yagyū Seigo Ryū Battō and a lecture (explanation of oral evangelism, etc.) are taught directly by the Yagyū Sōke.

The Purpose of Founding the Yagyūkai

The words “establishing” and “handing down”, are very important in life. Indeed, establishing, or creating, is difficult, but maintaining what has been established for many generations is much more so. Continuity is needed for the spirituality and correct character of something to be handed down. No ordinary men could be excepted to do this. It takes a high degree of spirituality and character to pass on difficult contents.

Kendo has achieved a level of spirituality and technique that the Japanese have attained by hard cultivation. The Shinkage Ryū that was handed-down from Kamiizumi Nobutsuna to Yagyū Sekisyūsai can be said to be a source of the spirit of kendo in Japan.

It is a rare event that 20 generation late, a master such as Yagyū Toshinaga should come correctly from this origin. It can be said that this is a proud point of Japanese history. We hope to protect this precious traditional art and hand it down forever. This is the reason for establishing the Yagyūkai. If many people approve of this, we would be very grateful.

                                                        By: Yasuoka Masahiro sensei, September of 1955

The Vision Statement of Shinkage Ryū

Our objective is that we practice correctly with the original intentions that the founder, Kamiizumi Ise-no-kami introduced to the Yagyū family tradition, and that through this  we will perform Yagyū Shinkage Ryū’s truth correctly.

Based on the laws of swordsmanship, we must understand our own minds, so that we may act freely, and accomplish what we must in our lives utilizing our complete natural potential.

We expect that by following the truth of Shinkage Ryū, our personalities will mature, as will our sense of duty to our family and the world.

By: The 20th Head Master Yagyū Toshinaga

Yagyūkai Members Code

The dojo (training hall) is where we nurture “Sangaku” (Learning correctly, concentrating ourselves and wisdom) in ourselves by respecting the truth of Yagyū Shinkage Ryū and believing in the teachings of successive masters.

This is the practice of asceticism throughout life.  We should perform our duty by using our awakened natural potential. Even though we may not attain full enlightenment, we will be able to attain peace of mind by continually devoting ourselves to Yagyū Shinkage Ryū.

An ordinary person cannot understand the secrets of heihō (the strategies of war/combat). Therefore, if we students mistakenly believe we can master the strategies without great effort, we will make serious mistakes and will ruin ourselves. Members of the Yagyūkai should always conduct ourselves as gentlemen. We should never forget the virtues of budo. Members should never bring disgrace on the Yagyūkai by our words or activities, Even if we attain a superior level, we should not boast of ourselves. Instead, we should try to spread the Ryū with modesty, and enhance it with passion. We are under obligation to obey and develop that which our successive headmasters have devoted themselves to.  

By: the 20th Head Master Yagyū Toshinaga